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We offer wide range marble countertops for your bathroom or kitchen. They range from beautiful Afyon Black Marble to Kale Sugar, a white marble with a distinctive gold vein running through it. We recommend marble for the discriminating homeowner with a taste for the classic look.






A few people mix up marble with granite, but they are not the same at all. Sure, they are both natural stones, but while granite is an igneous rock, marble is a metamorphosed rock. It used to be dolomite, a protolith, or otherwise known as limestone. It changed or metamorphosed under high pressure and heat, breaking down and reforming into marble.

The most common type of marble is white, but pure white marble is not as common as you might think. That comes from comes from pure dolomite or limestone, and during formation, it is unlikely that limestone would be completely uncontaminated by other minerals while forming on the ground for millions of years. These other minerals  give color its veining (marbling) and color.

Marble is one of the most preferred dimension stone, appropriate for structural and decorative applications. We offer a full range of colors, from light colored to black. Some darker marbles may not be completely natural. Marble slabs are particularly attractive as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.




Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means it used to be limestone before it became marble. It is often used in sculptures and other works of art because it is easy to work with. Also it is not as soft as limestone, but not as hard as granite. It also has a beautiful patina that is quite unique. Using it in classical sculpture has made it a symbol of taste and refinement. Sculptors still like to work with marble today.

Marble is the favored stone of architects in ancient Greece and Rome as well because carves easily without shattering. It reflects light in a distinct way due to calcite, which has a low refraction index. This gives marble a waxy glow.

Marble is used for industrial applications as well. Crush marble mixed with other materials creates aggregates used in building foundations, railroad beds, and highways, Pure white marble is used in crushed form in plastic, paint, putty, grout, paper, whitewash, and even cosmetics as a filler and whiting.

Marble is durable enough for use as a dimension stone. It works very well in kitchen and bathroom vanity countertops with the proper sealing, and since it is not as rigid as granite, it works very well as fireplace surrounds.

Affordable Marble Counter Tops

Marble is a natural stone, and as such needs to be quarried. Marble slab costs are about the same as doe other natural stones You can expect it to cost from $60 per square foot, which includes installation. The cost largely depends on the kind of marble you choose. Some of the more exotic slabs can cost as much as $300, but it would be worth it if it enhances the value of the home. In many cases, the type of marble you choose should reflect the general design and style of the home.

Nothing compares to marble countertops when it comes to elegance and beauty. It may not be the height of function and durability, but with proper installation and maintenance, it should be worth all the trouble.

How durable

Marble is not particularly durable. In fact, it only rates a three in the Mohs hardness scale for minerals. To give you an idea of what that means, a diamond is a 10, while granite is a 6, It is not particularly resistant to heat and it is more porous than granite. It stains easily, and even mild acids such as vinergar and wine can etch it permanently. Marble is not going to hold up well under heavy kitchen use, but with a honed surface and proper sealing, it should last for a long time under moderate use.

How healthy Marble

Because marble is relatively porous in its natural state, it can harbor bacterial growth. However, sealing can take care of the porosity problem. However, it is the ideal surface for making temperature-sensitive pastries if it is highly polished and sealed appropriately. This is because it remains cool even in hot weather.

Benifits of Marble Countertops

The top benefit of marble as a kitchen or bathroom vanity countertop is its beauty. It imparts a distinctive elegance to any room. Whatever your overall design, you are sure to find a slab in our showroom or catalog that will match or complement it. It is also sure to be the center of attention.
Another benefit of marble is its extreme smoothness and natural coolness. These make it an ideal surface for making pastry. It is porous, true, and It can easily stain, etch, and scratch. However, you can minimize the damage with the proper finish, sealing, and maintenance.

For kitchen and vanity countertops that see a lot of traffic, we recommend a honed finish. It makes the marble less prone to scratches, but the treatment does make it more porous. To prevent staining, it has to be sealed. For areas that do not get much traffic, such as fireplace surrounds, you can have the stone polished to a high gloss to keep stains to a minimum. Doing so does mean that any scratches would also be more noticeable.


The best way to keep marble pristine is to wipe up any liquids, even water, directly after it spills to prevent marks and stains. Its porosity makes it particularly vulnerable to any kind of liquid, especially coffee, lemon juice, and even toothpaste. You can use a mixture of mild soap and bleach to clean up any messes, rinsed off with water, and dried with a soft cloth. Don’t use anything abrasive, and avoid cleansers containing ammonia which can discolor marble. Keep the seal intact by reapplying it once a year in areas with heavy use.

  • Make sure you wipe any spills immediately, especially oil, vinegar, lemon, coffee, or wine.

  • Avoid placing hot pans or pots with greasy bottoms directly on the granite to avoid leaving permanent stains on the stone. Granite may be heat resistant, but the seal is not.

  • Remove any deeply-ingrained stains by using a poultice of baking soda and water.

  • Do a weekly hot water wash to remove soap scum, and gently scrap away any solidified scum using a razor blade

  • Remove stains and scum

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, especially those containing bleach or ammonia.

  • Use a solution of rubbing alcohol with 91% isopropyl alcohol and water to sanitize the granite.


Putting in marble countertops in your home can add significantly to its value. Prospective home buyers are currently favoring natural stone when looking at homes. Marble has the strongest appeal due to its beauty and elegance, It is enough to at least increase the value of the home by the cost of the remodel.





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